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Offering meticulous, high-quality detailing with exceptional attention to detail, right at your doorstep.

Classic Detailing (Tier I)

  • Comprehensive cleaning for a fresh, renewed vehicle appearance

  • Includes: Exterior car wash, interior vacuuming, window cleaning, wheel cleaning, and tire dressing

  • Recommended for: Regular maintenance to keep your vehicle clean and presentable

  • Price: Starting at $99 (Additional $35 surcharge for trucks and SUVs)

Premier Detailing (Tier II)

Elite Detailing (Tier III)

  • Enhances aesthetics while protecting and preserving quality

  • Includes: Everything in Classic Detailing, plus paint decontamination, high-gloss wax, interior detailing, upholstery and carpet shampoo, and leather cleaning & conditioning (if applicable)

  • Recommended for: Those seeking a deeper clean and protection for their vehicle's interior and exterior

  • Price: Starting at $199 (Additional $35 surcharge for trucks and SUVs)

  • Most thorough offering, revitalizing your vehicle down to the finest detail

  • Includes: Everything in Premier Detailing, plus paint correction, engine bay cleaning, headlight restoration, interior deep cleaning, and paint sealant application

  • Recommended for: Comprehensive vehicle revitalization and long-lasting protection

  • Price: Starting at $299 (Additional $35 surcharge for trucks and SUVs)

Interior Refresh (Tier IR)

  • Specialized cleaning to rejuvenate your vehicle's interior, creating a pristine and luxurious environment.

  • Includes: Detailed Interior Vacuuming, Interior Window Cleaning, Interior Detailing, Upholstery and Carpet Shampoo, and Leather Cleaning & Conditioning (if applicable).

  • Recommended for: Regular maintenance to keep your vehicle's interior clean, fresh, and luxurious.

  • Price: Starting at $75 (Additional $35 surcharge for trucks and SUVs).

Experience Elegance with Luxury Detailing Services

As the owner and primary detailer at Elegant Auto Detailing, I am dedicated to transforming your vehicle into a beacon of elegance and luxury. Each service is performed with meticulous attention to detail, using only premium products to ensure your vehicle receives the best treatment possible.

At Elegant Auto Detailing Chicago, we're dedicated to providing meticulous, high-quality auto detailing services for all types of vehicles. Please note that due to the additional time and resources required, services for larger vehicles like trucks and SUVs carry a small surcharge. When booking, make sure to select the correct service for your vehicle type. Thank you for understanding.

Tier I

Basic Cleaning Package

This package provides a comprehensive cleaning that renews your vehicle's appearance, making it feel fresh and well-maintained.

  • Exterior Car Wash: Personally performed by me, using premium car wash solutions to gently remove dirt and grime from your vehicle's exterior. Each wash concludes with a high-pressure rinse and dry.

  • Interior Vacuuming: I ensure every corner of your vehicle's interior is vacuumed thoroughly, from seats to carpets to the trunk.

  • Window Cleaning: Both interior and exterior windows are cleaned to a streak-free shine, ensuring clear visibility and a clean appearance.

  • Wheel Cleaning: I pay special attention to your car's wheels, removing brake dust, dirt, and grime with professional-grade cleaners.

  • Tire Dressing: I finish off by dressing your tires for a like-new, glossy finish.

Starting at $99

Deluxe Detailing Package

The Deluxe Package takes vehicle care to the next level, enhancing its aesthetics while protecting and preserving its quality.

Includes everything in the Basic Cleaning Package, plus:

  • Paint Decontamination: I use a clay bar treatment to carefully remove embedded contaminants from your car's paint, preparing it for the next level of care.

  • High-Gloss Wax: I apply a high-quality carnauba wax to protect your car's paint and give it a brilliant, luxurious shine.

  • Interior Detailing: I take the time to clean every interior surface of your car, leaving your dashboard, center console, door panels, and cup holders spotless.

  • Upholstery and Carpet Shampoo: Using professional-grade products, I meticulously shampoo your car's upholstery and carpets, removing stains and odors. A special odor-eliminating spray is applied to leave your car smelling fresh.

  • Leather Cleaning & Conditioning (if applicable): Leather surfaces receive special care with a thorough cleaning and conditioning to maintain their look and feel.

Tier II

Starting at $199

Ultimate Detailing Package

The Ultimate Package is our most thorough offering, revitalizing your vehicle down to the finest detail and providing long-lasting protection.

Includes everything in the Deluxe Detailing Package, plus:

  • Paint Correction: I carefully use professional-grade compounds and techniques to correct imperfections in your car's paint, removing swirls, scratches, and oxidation.

  • Engine Bay Cleaning: I ensure your engine bay looks as clean and well-maintained as the rest of your vehicle by safely cleaning and degreasing it.

  • Headlight Restoration: I restore clarity to cloudy, oxidized headlights, enhancing both the appearance of your vehicle and your visibility on the road.

  • Interior Deep Cleaning: I take it a step further by cleaning your car's interior more intensively, eliminating stubborn stains and giving a refreshed look.

  • Paint Sealant Application: To provide lasting protection, I apply a long-lasting paint sealant to your car's paint, offering up to 6 months of protection and a glass-like shine.

Tier III

Starting at $299

About Elegant Auto Detailing Chicago

Elegant Auto Detailing Chicago is a luxury mobile auto detailing service that specializes in delivering meticulous, high-quality detailing with an exceptional attention to detail. Serving our discerning Chicago clientele, we take pride in bringing out the elegance that lies within every vehicle, treating each one as if it were our own.

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