Our services

At Elegant Auto Detailing, we believe that every vehicle holds a potential for elegance. Our meticulous and comprehensive services bring this elegance to life, transforming each vehicle into a timeless piece of art.

Classic Detailing

Even our basic package offers a comprehensive cleaning that renews your vehicle's appearance, making it feel fresh, well-maintained, and truly classic. This includes an exterior car wash, interior vacuuming, window cleaning, wheel cleaning, and a finishing tire dressing. Experience luxury even in the basics, starting at $99.

What Makes It Classic?
  1. Expert Detailing Services: Our experienced detailers provide personalized solutions that turn your vehicle into a luxurious beacon of elegance. We ensure that each service is performed with an exceptional attention to detail, using only premium products.

  2. Innovative Detailing Solutions: We craft unique and innovative detailing solutions, working closely with you to bring your vision of an impeccably detailed vehicle to life. Our detailing is an art form, and your vehicle is our canvas.

Premier Detailing

The Premier Package takes vehicle care to the next level, enhancing its aesthetics while protecting and preserving its quality. In addition to everything in the Classic Detailing Package, this service tier includes paint decontamination, a high-gloss wax application, complete interior detailing, upholstery and carpet shampoo, and leather cleaning & conditioning (if applicable). Feel the difference with our Premier Detailing, starting at $199.

What Makes It Premier?

Timeless Vehicle Enhancement: Our detailing services prioritize both the function and form of your vehicle, creating results that stand the test of time. We don't just clean vehicles - we transform them into timeless masterpieces.

Comprehensive Detailing Services: From the initial exterior wash to the final tire dressing, our services use the latest technology and techniques to deliver exceptional results. Your vehicle will look and feel brand new, with each detail meticulously cared for.

Elite Detailing

The Elite Package is our most thorough offering, revitalizing your vehicle down to the finest detail and providing long-lasting protection. This includes everything in the Premier Detailing Package, plus paint correction, engine bay cleaning, headlight restoration, interior deep cleaning, and a long-lasting paint sealant application. Experience the ultimate luxury in auto detailing with our Elite Package, starting at $299.

What Makes It Elite?
  1. Lifestyle-Enhancing Detailing: Our detailing services are tailored to your lifestyle and preferences, creating an experience that is as unique as you are. Your vehicle is an extension of your personal style, and our services enhance this connection.

  2. Collaborative Detailing Services: We work collaboratively with you throughout the detailing process, ensuring that your vision of a perfect vehicle is realized in the final result. Your satisfaction is our highest priority.